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Rooted Amongst the Angels

Yesterday was such a fantastic day! After a few weeks filled with life’s big and small headaches, I at last had a day to myself. I found myself finally done with painful dentist visits (for now), done with tests and lab work … Continue reading

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Find Your Happy Place (And Visit Often)

Bonjour! And Happy Bastille Day! July 14 has officially been dubbed (by me) as Ati’s most favorite and fabulous holiday. Yes, I’ve decided to commandeer a nation’s holiday and make it my very own personal special day. It is no … Continue reading

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Magenta Moments

Why are some times in life so complicated and hard? Why do some days, hours, or minutes seem miserable, unfathomable, unbearable, indefensible, intolerable, impossible and/or unbelievable? How come sometimes no amount of deep breathing, love, beauty, support, understanding, enlightenment, wisdom … Continue reading

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This I Believe…

I believe in living a courageous life. I believe art has the power to elevate, heal and enhance. I believe in the randomness of the universe. I believe honesty to be the best policy. I believe in unconditional love. I … Continue reading

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Francophile Me

To know me is to know that I am obsessed with France. I love it all: the smelly cheese, the apathetic shrug, the fashion, the art, the music, the language, the architecture, ALL. That might seem a bit odd, since … Continue reading

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