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This I Know

There are only a few days left of this year. In less than a week, we’ll be traveling to Europe as a family of 3 for the first time. In 2 weeks, our daughter will be 20 months old. Lots … Continue reading

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Goodbye! Hello!

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles. Just enough time for me to get sentimental and nostalgic about the year that’s ending and super excited about the one that’s about to begin. It’s a process … Continue reading

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Happiness Dispatch-The Bastille Day Edition

So, if you’ve ever read any of my writing, or checked out my Facebook page (, or my Instagram account (@atilovestheworld), you know that I am a HUGE Francophile. I especially love all things Parisian. I collect Eiffel Towers, I … Continue reading

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice! by ati-loves-the-world featuring philosophies Jolie Moi pattern dress$74 – Kate spade Campomaggi shopping tote bag$230 – Kate Spade bib Kate spade Kate spade Kate Spade butterfly Philosophy

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Father’s Day 2013

It is after 8 pm as I finally put pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) to write my feelings down about this day. Father’s Day is nearly over and, frankly, I’m so glad for that. The emotional toll … Continue reading

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Hope, Hope and Hope Some More

As we begin the week that is all about the commercialization of motherhood, I still continue to struggle with childlessness. It’s a familiar struggle, as it’s the sixth year of my residency in the Land of IF (infertility). But, the … Continue reading

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How I Celebrated Macaron Day (there’s no expiration date on Joie de Vivre)

So, in addition to having been the start of the Persian New Year and the start of spring, yesterday was also Macaron Day. No wonder it was such a happy and beautiful day for me! You could say it was a … Continue reading

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