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Fear of the Known, Fear of the Unknown (The Belly Dispatches)

So, I am an infertile woman who’s fought tooth and nail for nearly seven years to have a baby. And tomorrow, I will begin the 29th week of my pregnancy. Yes, even reaching the 3rd trimester has not deterred me from identifying myself … Continue reading

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The Solitary Journey

I’m pregnant. After years of trying and miserably failing; after many heartbreaking losses; after multiple painful procedures; after thousands and thousands of dollars; after many rounds of alphabet soup of infertility treatments like IUI and IVF; after nearly losing all my … Continue reading

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Happiness Dispatch-The Snail Mail Edition

We live in the age of instant gratification. We want something, search for something or write something and finding it, getting it and publishing it can happen as fast as we can power up our computers and click a few … Continue reading

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My Many Talents

Some people have a radar. Some have a gay-dar. I have a preg-dar. I can sense a pregnancy come from 100 miles away. It’s such an annoying talent. If I could just have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, or … Continue reading

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Hello from Destinations Unknown

Where do you go when you go beyond hopelessness? Where do you end up when you pass by the dashed hopes, the unknown fears, the hope against hope moments and all the stages of grief, only to realize that grief … Continue reading

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