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This I Know

There are only a few days left of this year. In less than a week, we’ll be traveling to Europe as a family of 3 for the first time. In 2 weeks, our daughter will be 20 months old. Lots … Continue reading

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Reincarnated Motherhood

Let me be very frank. I have no religious beliefs whatsoever. I have no faith at all and only believe in visible, provable, measurable and scientific facts. And, I’m not sure if there’s a big difference between religiosity and spirituality, … Continue reading

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Fear of the Known, Fear of the Unknown (The Belly Dispatches)

So, I am an infertile woman who’s fought tooth and nail for nearly seven years to have a baby. And tomorrow, I will begin the 29th week of my pregnancy. Yes, even reaching the 3rd trimester has not deterred me from identifying myself … Continue reading

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The Solitary Journey

I’m pregnant. After years of trying and miserably failing; after many heartbreaking losses; after multiple painful procedures; after thousands and thousands of dollars; after many rounds of alphabet soup of infertility treatments like IUI and IVF; after nearly losing all my … Continue reading

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Make Me A List Monday-November’s Bliss

I’ve been doing a lot of observing lately. I’ve noticed how absolutely prolific most bloggers I follow are. It’s truly admirable. Many bloggers have taken Sylvia Plath’s great quote seriously and literally: “… [e]verything in life is writable about if you have … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You More Brilliant

Originally posted on atilovesparis:
It’s Halloween night 2011. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. That’s because it is the only day of the year when it’s totally ok to be as outrageous, expressive, colorful and brilliant as you want.…

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The Score Keeper

The other day, while catching up with a friend, the notion of emotional score keepers came up. “You do nice things for people because you choose to, not because you expect them to do something for you in return.” I … Continue reading

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