Happiness Dispatch-The Bastille Day Edition


So, if you’ve ever read any of my writing, or checked out my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/atilovestheworld), or my Instagram account (@atilovestheworld), you know that I am a HUGE Francophile. I especially love all things Parisian. I collect Eiffel Towers, I read books on Paris and the illusive French woman and I’m totally smitten with the City of Lights.

In many ways, I find myself defined by my love of Paris. The topic comes up frequently in talks with friends and in meeting new people. And I’ve noticed something interesting in many people’s reactions to me and my obsession with France. Some people find my love of and fascination with Paris, and France in general, a bit strange. I see them do double takes at the mention of my 50+ piece Eiffel Tower collection, or the name of this blog, or my wish to run away to Paris to live. They usually get very quiet and just stare blankly at me, not knowing what to say. Some immediately find lots to say—most of wich is either complaints about the alleged rudeness of the French or cracking wise about my love of France, which they consider shallow or just plain strange.

Of course, I’m not phased by their judgment at all. I’ve been mad for Madonna for 30 years and people’s snide remarks, stupid jokes, ridicule and judgment have not only diminished my love for her, they have just made me a bigger and more dedicated fan. So peer pressure just doesn’t work on this girl.

But, I must say, I am baffled by anyone who cannot understand why a person would be infatuated with France and the French culture. I’ve seen and heard of people collecting all sorts of things I don’t find interesting. And I’ve met and known of people loving various common and exotic things, activities and places I just don’t get. It never occurs to me to attempt to laugh at, disparage or judge someone for something they care about. I have no interest in putting anyone’s passion down at all. And for the life of me, I’ll never understand the motivation behind people who seem to live to make fun of others’ passions.

Life is short. It’s also full of harshness and difficulty. I applaud those who find something they care about and pursue it. I commend those who find happiness and let it permeate their lives. And I fully support living with a heavy dose of wishes, hopes and daydreams. The more the better. I say we all should surround ourselves with that which makes us happy. For me,  that is imbuing my life with the French way of living. Other’s approvals or understanding will never be necessary or sought out by me. Live and let live!

So, to heck with  judgmental people and their opinions. Be fabulously in love with whatever makes you happy.

Happy Bastille Day!



About Atilovesparis

I am one with many faces, states and moods. I am a liberal progressive and an old fashion romantic. I am an aspiring writer and a mother-in-waiting. I am a Francophile. I am not defined by what I do for a living, but by my goals, thoughts, ideas, hopes, views, experiences and accomplishments. I am simple and complicated. I am me...
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