Make Me A List Monday- Creating My Own Bliss

It’s Monday evening. I’ve finished a good and productive day, taken my afternoon walk, made and ate dinner and am now slipping into the tiredness of the day that was. I’m letting the annoyances of modern living slip away and I’m letting go of the grudges that today brought into my life. There’s work to be done, growth to achieve and tasks to complete. But they can wait for another day. Evolving through living is an ongoing process, to be sure. But all that can wait. This moment, this hour, it’s to rest and slow down and reflect.

My list tonight is all about creating my own “bliss”. I began this week, feeling agitated, anxious and a bit angry. Some old ghosts of problems past showed up to rain on my parade. Unresolved complexes are usually not my thing, but these old ghosts have been with me for nearly a decade and whenever they show up, they manage to immediately put me in a unhappy corner. Someday I’ll be rid of them. But for now, I strive to keep the demons at bay and create my own bliss whatever chance I get.

So, here’s my list:

1. Location, location, location- When life tries to get me down, I seek bliss by taking myself out on a play date. Location is very important in how I feel. So, when things get crazy, hectic or frustrating, I go to places that bring me joy: the park, a museum, the makeup counter of a department store or a favorite cafe’. Today, after my early morning court appearance, I walked over to my favorite place in downtown LA, Bottega Louie. This place is magic. I walk in and I am immediately transported to Paris. This place in my Tiffany’s (As in Breakfast at)–when I am here, nothing bad could ever happen to me. Next time you’re feeling down, sad, anxious or frustrated, find a place that makes you happy and brings you bliss.

My Morning at Bottega Louie

My Morning at Bottega Louie

2. Busy+Productive=Bliss- Sometimes, the best thing for the soul is to keep busy. I am very fond of idleness, I admit it proudly. I love taking time to do nothing. I think life should be enjoyed and savored slowly and on purpose. Constantly rushing through the days without slowing down and enjoying life has no charisma in my book. But, there are times when keeping busy is exactly what the doctor ordered. It distracts from frustrations, diverts the focus away from annoyances and gives the brain a beautiful respite from useless rumination. That’s what today was all about. I had a bit of unavoidable lag time between my work commitments. So, I took myself to the library in Little Tokyo and kept right on going, allowing myself no time to brood, fret or mope. Result? Bliss!

3. Joie de vivre- Life’s too short not to squeeze in  as much enjoyment, or joie de vivre, as possible. Some might find this attitude shallow, useless or unproductive. After all, if you’re always driven and focused on goals, tasks and chores, you may have no time to stop and smell the roses. But, that kind of living is just not for me. I need to stop, and enjoy life every single day, or I don’t feel fully alive. So, today, after all the busyness, all the tasks, all the work and errands, I came home and stopped to do two things: take a short nap and go for an late afternoon walk. I cannot tell you how rejuvenated I felt afterward.


4. Say goodbye- This world is full of stuff that bugs. It just is. There are people, situations, issues, problems, all trying to get you to lose your cool. At least that’s how I see things. Call me a realist. But, I’ve learned that spending my time, emotions and efforts on these annoying things and people for too long is simply a waste of my life. So, I say goodbye as quickly as I can to things that do not grace my life and bring me bliss. Ba-bye!

5. Reset, reboot, restart- Whatever this day was, the good, the bad, the aggravating, it’s now behind me. I’m ready for a good night’s sleep and starting anew tomorrow morning. I’m hitting the restart button and rebooting my life. Like I always say: “A New Day, A New A”.


About Atilovesparis

I am one with many faces, states and moods. I am a liberal progressive and an old fashion romantic. I am an aspiring writer and a mother-in-waiting. I am a Francophile. I am not defined by what I do for a living, but by my goals, thoughts, ideas, hopes, views, experiences and accomplishments. I am simple and complicated. I am me...
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