New York, New York

New York, New York


About Atilovesparis

I am one with many faces, states and moods. I am a liberal progressive and an old fashion romantic. I am an aspiring writer and a mother-in-waiting. I am a Francophile. I am not defined by what I do for a living, but by my goals, thoughts, ideas, hopes, views, experiences and accomplishments. I am simple and complicated. I am me...
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2 Responses to New York, New York

  1. Karene says:

    Hi Ati, are you going to New York? I’m trying to plan a trip for my family this summer. Any places to stay or eat that you recommend?

    • I’m going in June, but it’ll be a short trip. When are you thinking of going? NYC is a wonderful city, but the summers are brutal. Very hot and so sticky humid. I’ve got a lot of recommendations, but tell e what you like and want to do before I write them.

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