Ladurée NYC, I heart u!

So, for those who don’t know the name, Ladurée is a luxury cakes and pastries brand based in Paris. Founded in 1862, it is where the double-decker macarons were created in early 1900’s. In my book, Ladurée has the best macarons in the world!

In the summer of 2009, my husband I had our last lunch in Paris at Ladurée on ChampsÉlysées. That lunch will always be one the most memorable meals of my life. Every thing was impeccable and every bite so vivid and crisp in taste.

Every corner of this place is enchanting...yes, I said enchanting.

I can still taste this meal...especially this part.

So, fast forward to Fall of 2011 and the news that Ladurée has opened a store in New York City on Madison Ave. You can imagine my utter joy, my personal happy dance and limitless glee-and the realization that the closest Ladurée from me is no longer over 6000 miles away, but a mere 3000 miles away. I mean, that’s a hop, skip, and jump away, right? I have yet to hop, skip and jump to Ladurée NYC, but my husband made the sacrifice during his Thanksgiving trip to New York.

And I do mean sacrifice. He had to stand in line for an hour just to get into the store. And he did because he knows how much I love this place.

They have macaron stickers!!!

He brought me back some wonderful gifts from Ladurée. And all week long, I’ve been getting together with friends over coffee and Ladurée macarons, thanks to me sweet husband who braved New Yorkers (who are scarier and meaner than the Parisians) to make my reunion with Ladurée possible. Mmmm, delicious! Merci beaucoup, HUS!!

Ooh la la!!

I love these boxes!!!

My faves were coffee, caramel and rose.

P.S. I cannot wait to go there personally on my next trip to New York City.

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