My Many Talents

Some people have a radar. Some have a gay-dar. I have a preg-dar. I can sense a pregnancy come from 100 miles away. It’s such an annoying talent. If I could just have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, or an invisible jet like Wonder Woman’s to fly far, far, FAR away from all these pregnant people, it would be fantastic. Invisibility. Now, that’s a nifty talent.


About Atilovesparis

I am one with many faces, states and moods. I am a liberal progressive and an old fashion romantic. I am an aspiring writer and a mother-in-waiting. I am a Francophile. I am not defined by what I do for a living, but by my goals, thoughts, ideas, hopes, views, experiences and accomplishments. I am simple and complicated. I am me...
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4 Responses to My Many Talents

  1. Damiane' says:

    Hi. I saw your message on Attain Fertility and I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I just wanted to let you know that I have been where you are. My husband and I endured infertility for 5 years and I know all to well the heartache, frustrations and grief that goes on with this. I offer one on one mentoring ( I am not a licensed professional) but out of 11 women I have mentored 9 have become mothers. If you ever need to talk, have questions or just need someone to hold your spirits up, let me know.
    Galaxies of baby dust to you!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I will keep your info in mind and will reach out if I feel the need. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Persephone says:

    I think it should become an official term – I have it too. And I hate it!

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